Tom Vaylo embodies the fusion of handpan (Hang) with magnetic electronic beats in a unique trip/hop, dub and world musical trip.

Creative traveler and sound crafter, he had the opportunity throughout his 3 albums to collaborate with many musicians and performers (flute, trumpet, saxophone, dance,…) ;
and to present live with them his project all around Europe (France, Belgium, UK,Hungary).

Musician since his very young age (flute, guitar, saxophone,…) and french handpan pioneer, Tom Vaylo has settled since 2007 his place
in the handpan players community. Not only did he played in the most famous handpan festivals (Handpan Festival, HangOut UK, HUG festival,…),
he also shared music and handpan playing lessons in the “Learn from the Best” serie on MasterTheHandpan, as well as in his own
association in Lyon and in several international workshops (Handpan Academy, le RDV du Hang, …).

By adding electronic music to this magical instrument, Tom Vaylo expands his playground and create an innovative musical journey.
He explores various universes and create his own music style rules, to provides a powerful psychedelic live show, sometimes compared to Massive Attack, Bonobo or Shpongle.
His music depicts an utopic world without barriers, ruled by emotion, empowered by boldness and diversity.
Wandering in Tom Vaylo’s carefully crafted universes feels warm and comforting, as the subtle instrument mix burst with feelings and colors. You may alternatively feel like dreaming, chilling and dancing, but it always feels fresh and new.