Have you ever wanted to discover the magical sound of handpan, and play it by yourself ?

I give handpan initiations in Lyon (and sometimes elsewhere), in which you’ll be able to try many different handpans from famous makers, discover this instrument’s story and building processes, leanr how to touch and play it and create your first melodies with me.


Want to improve your playing and get tips to stop being stuck in your patterns ?

I also provides regular Handpan lessons in Lyon ! Lessons are individual and adapted to each student to fit to his/her needs and wishes. Most lessons tends to focus on composition/improvisation but also includes musical theory, rythm, melody, tips & tricks, jaming improvements and more ! Everything can be done, but I like to see music as a mean of expression, and to comfort my students in composing and improvising by themselves.

I carrefully listen to every student needs and wishes to provide entirely personal and effective lessons.

You can book lessons directly from the shop, or simply use the “contact” form to discuss it with me.

Workshops and group immersion

One or several immersion day(s) into the handpan universe, with lessons, jams and lots of available instruments you can borrow or even buy there, to discover, try out or improve yourself.

A unique opportunity to enjoy group play and live a special experience !

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