“Earth Child” Double album

This double album features 2 different paths to dive in, guided by handpan :

  • CD 1 is the “chill path” : Deep, melodic, instrumental, ambiant, meditative, dreamy and orchestral, a lovely musical trip.
  • CD2 is the “psychedelic path” : powerful, danceable, leading, and groovy.

This album features collaboration with talented artists : Youthie (trumpet, flute), Clara Bourdeix (violin), Mey (Vocals).

The album story is based on tarot’s major arcanas. They will guide your journey through several universes, while letting you choose your path. Which one will you take ? Choose your path,and explore the musical world that comes from it, shephered by the tarot draw, and be ready for a few surprises… For only the oracle can predict how the melody goes. And the associated card is the key to read it !

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